Piksel Spafax partner on in-flight entertainment


Michelle Clancy

| 25 September 2015

Piksel has announced Spafax as its partner on Voyage, an in-flight entertainment system which enables consumers to select and download video content to their personal devices, prior to boarding a flight.

Airlines can use the platform to engage with passengers, both pre- and post-flight, as they use the app to choose premium TV shows and films, access and update their booking and make other travel arrangements.

Transavia, a European low-cost carrier, has already adopted Voyage, which uses the video delivery capabilities of Piksel's video-on-demand platform, Piksel Digital Showcase.

"We have always been at the forefront of innovation in onboard content and revenue generation, and the launch of Voyage is no exception. Voyage will enhance the current entertainment strategies of many carriers and open the door to low-cost content solutions for a whole host of others," said Niall McBain, CEO of Spafax. "Partnering with Piksel, and their expertise in the online video space, has allowed us to rapidly bring to market a new service. Our knowledge of content and the demanding needs of global airlines complements their technical know-how extremely well, and we look forward to working and developing innovative new products that enhance the passenger experience."

Partners to choose from free-of-charge, pay-to-access or pay-per-view models. The content is locked until the passenger boards the flight, when it then becomes available to view. Once the flight has ended, the content is automatically deleted from the device, respecting airline industry content licensing agreements with the DRM functionality of Piksel Digital Showcase.

"There is a huge opportunity for airlines to delight their customers both on the ground and in the air," said Mark Christie, CTO of Piksel. "A flexible entertainment solution that can be integrated seamlessly into other airline systems is a smart way to extend the passenger experience throughout the travel journey. Using a 'download on the ground' approach, Voyage doesn't rely on on-board Wi-Fi to deliver high quality entertainment."