Netflix uses the most bandwidth in Canada


Michelle Clancy

| 25 September 2015

Netflix continues to be the leading application in Canada, accounting for over 34% of downstream traffic in the peak evening hours, compared with four years ago, when it accounted for just 13.5% of evening traffic in Canada.

The data was collected earlier this year as part of Sandvine's Global Internet Phenomena Programme. The project also found that with new streaming entrants such as shomi and CraveTV entering the market, P2P file-sharing continues to see declines, and now accounts for just 11% of total daily traffic. That's a fall from levels above 15% observed last year.

Meanwhile, Twitch and Valve's Steam store are now among the top ten bandwidth consuming applications online, and gaming as a whole has become the fifth largest traffic category in Canada.

When it comes to mobile networks, YouTube continues to be the single largest source of mobile traffic, accounting for over 22% of downstream traffic. Canadians are also shutterbugs, with photo-focused applications Instagram and Snapchat among the top five applications used on all networks observed.

"As a proudly Canadian company, we are excited to once again share the latest Canadian Internet trends with both current and prospective customers," said Dave Caputo, CEO, Sandvine. "Our deployments cover a significant portion of subscribers in Canada so we are in a unique spot to provide unparalleled insight and support to service providers in this country."