O2, Vauxhall become Channel 4's first sequential ad partners



| 25 September 2015

UK broadcaster Channel 4 has signed up mobile operator O2 and car manufacturer Vauxhall as its first digital targeted ad partners.

The two household names are the first to sign up for such advertising for the broadcaster's All 4 video-on-demand (VOD) and catch-up service which will offer advertisers the opportunity to re-target viewers sequentially in real time. Ad Journey has been developed in partnership with Innovid, Channel 4's exclusive interactive partner.

The Ad Journey offering uses the broadcaster's first-party viewer data and enables advertisers to follow an All 4 user's ad viewing journey in order to serve them different creative messaging based on what they have seen or interacted with previously to avoid repetition. Advertisers can also serve different creatives based on whether a user is an existing customer, using data already held by them.

O2 will use Ad Journey to engage All 4 users with their latest animated campaign 'Make Them Giants' which inspires people to get behind the England rugby team throughout September and October. The ad encourages users to click through to click through to O2's website where they can create their very own animated avatar. They will be served different messaging the next time they view an O2 ad on All 4, depending on their level of previous interactivity encouraging them to finish creating their avatar for example.

Vauxhall is using Ad Journey as part of its UK launch campaign for its new OnStar service Vauxhall and will enable drivers to gain access to live help and information on the road as well as life-saving automatic accident response. These are all accessed via real people at OnStar in the UK at the touch of a button. The digital ad campaign on All 4 will use a suite of video content showing the multiple applications of the technology.

Commenting on the deals, David Amodio, digital and creative leader, Channel 4, said: "The digital world has historically been brilliant at retargeting people, predominantly through display adverting, Ad Journey offers an opportunity for advertisers to tell a story to All 4's viewers in a broadcast video environment for the first time."

Channel 4 Sales is also launching a new digital ad product Ad 4 You which offers advertisers the opportunity to serve personalised creative to All 4 viewers using variables based on their registration data. Bespoke campaigns are delivered based on a combination of a viewer's age, gender, interest, location and local weather to create a personalised package that is uniquely tailored to an advertisers' core audience.