Hi, and WELCOME to CsNation's IPTV server

This IPTV server is truely one of the best around, but not only that it is also future proofed, almost all iptv servers rely on dedicated servers with sat down links using card sharing to decrypt the channels. This means when card share for Sky UK comes to an end (and it will) then so does your IPTV service.

Here at CsNation we do not use these tecniques, we use direct from original box encoders meaning when Card Share does go down we wont, we keep online uninterupted viewing.

Sky UK Pack 22 For 1 Month of service

Package 2: Sports World Pack 22 For 1 Month of service

Package 3: Sky UK + Sports Pack + VOD 25 For 1 Month of service (UNBEATABLE FOR THE QUALITY)

Our VOD services is just filled with 1000s of movies and tv shows and is included free with Package 3.

Our service has a dedicated plugin that works on the following devices

MAG boxes
Android Boxes
Enigma2 Boxes
Anything else that runs XBMC/KODI

Also we offer the following, MAG box with 1 month service 90 delivered

24hr test requests can be made (please note on WEEKENDS a 5 test fee is required, this gets added on to your first months sub if you decide to test) via Private Messaging me with which device you would like to test on (MAG box owners need to send in their MAC address)

Payments are to be made via PayPal and to be sent as GIFT only witih NOTHING written in the notes section or we will have to reject payment

Thank You for reading and hope to hear from you soon