Eutelsat 115 West B, the first all electric satellite, has completed its ascent into geostationary orbit.

In orbit tests are scheduled to begin Monday and the new satellite is scheduled to enter full commercial service in mid-October, one month ahead of schedule.

Eutelsat 115 West B is equipped with 24 C-band and 41.5 Ku-band equivalent transponders connected to beams covering Alaska, Canada, Mexico and South America, and will operate with exceptional elevation angles and coverage performances (EIRP) throughout the region.

It will provide coverage of the Americas through services that include broadband access, cellular backhaul, VSAT solutions and social connectivity.

Patricio Northland, CEO Eutelsat Americas, said: “I am delighted to announce that Eutelsat 115 West B is now in geostationary orbit and will start commercial service one month ahead of schedule. This first all-electric satellite of our fleet is an important milestone towards our enhanced coverage of the Americas and a new example of how Eutelsat’s commitment to innovation allows us to provide superior solutions to customers.”

Eutelsat 117 West B, a second electric satellite, will launch in early 2016 and serve Latin America broadcast markets.