Google to bundle YouTube services for $10/month


Michelle Clancy

| 29 September 2015

Google is reportedly prepping a subscription service that pairs two YouTube offerings.

YouTube's Music Key service (which provides ad-free music videos and audio-only streams, currently in beta), and a pending service providing ad-free access to general YouTube content, will now be bundled instead of being sold separately, Re/code reported.

Google has reportedly told video industry sources that it plans to charge $10 per month for the combined service - a price matching that charged by Spotify and others for standalone subscription music offerings.

As the site observes, Google could struggle to turn a profit on the service at that price - Spotify has been losing money, and doesn't have to worry about payments to (non-music) video partners. But Google recently told content owners they must agree to support an ad-free service by 22 October or else their videos "will no longer be available for public display or monetisation in the United States".

YouTube, for its part, said that it's "progressing according to plan to provide fans more options in how they enjoy content on YouTube," and that content partners representing over 95% of watch time have agreed to support an ad-free video service.