Ariane Flight VA227 will carry the Arabsat-6B and GSat-15 telecommunications satellites, and is set for a November launch date.

Both payloads on Flight VA227 in November are for long-time Arianespace customers, continuing the company’s relationships with Arab nations and India.

Arabsat-6B is a sixth-generation satellite for Arabsat – the inter-governmental organization founded by the Arab League in 1976. The spacecraft was built in a consortium led by Airbus Defence and Space, supplier of the Eurostar E3000 platform and the satellite’s integrator; along with Thales Alenia Space, which designed and built the communications payload.

Weighing in at a liftoff mass estimated at 6,100 kg., Arabsat-6B will provide telecommunications and TV broadcasting services for the Middle East and Africa.

Flight VA227’s other payload, GSat-15, was developed by the Indian Space Research Organisation and will deliver C- and Ku-band telecommunications services. GSat-15 will have a liftoff mass of approximately 3,150 kg.