Viacom goes glo-cal with Super Shore


Juan Fernandez Gonzalez

| 30 September 2015

With Spanish-speaking territories being good testing grounds for glo-cal productions - content which works on both an international and local scale - Viacom will simultaneously premiere the spin-off Super Shore across Latin America and Southern Europe in February 2016.

lauraabril"Commercially, we are looking for scale economy, for creating a single unit of content that can work in many territories," explained Laura Abril, Viacom's VP for youth and music brands, southern Europe, speaking to Rapid TV News En Español. "If it works well, we will probably consider more glo-cal productions."

Super Shore is the first international collaboration between MTV Latin America and MTV Southern Europe. The format, which has been filmed and will soon be edited, will have a voiceover in Italy, be dubbed in France, and have subtitles in Portugal, Greece and Turkey.

Speaking about the decision to move the Shore franchise from Ibiza, where it was initially due to be filmed, Laura Abril said: "We didn't want to take the risk; there were circumstances we couldn't control."

"After a long debate we decided to be more international, then we moved to Mykonos where they were very welcoming, and then to Madrid. We have been filming in other places, but that's to be discovered by the audience."

Super Shore has four participants from Mexico's Acapulco Shore and three from Spain's Gandía Shore, plus Brazil's Igor Freitas and Italy's Elettra Miura Lamborghini.