Nearly nine-tenths of US households own at least one HDTV


Joseph O'Halloran

| 30 September 2015

Even though it has somewhat lost its lustre compared with ultra HD, HDTV is quietly getting diffuse in the US.

271631According to a study by, 86% of US households own at least one HDTV, with almost two-thirds (64%) claiming to own two or more.

In terms of popular screen technologies, LED displays were most popular with 60%, clearly beating other options including LCD (26%) and plasma technology (14%). Only 3% of consumers were 'actively considering' the purchase of a curved HDTV. The vast majority (70%) of those surveyed would not seriously consider a curved HDTV.

Price (30%), brand (28%) and TV size (16%) were the most important factors for consumers with regard to making purchase decisions. However, few (7%) described themselves as 'very brand loyal'. It seems that the majority (58%) of respondents prefer to shop for the best price among a select group of household brand names. Reviews (12%) were cited by many shoppers as relevant factors to consider during the purchasing process.

"We continue to see more consumers turning to the Internet to find the best HDTV deals," said Brian Meyer, president of Shopping Nexus. "The majority of those we polled [in the report] start their searches online (as opposed to shopping in a bricks and mortar store). While many (34%) turn to or other online retailers first, a sizeable percentage (17%) utilises an online comparison website, such as"