French media company Vivendi wants to counter competition from Amazon Instant Prime, Netflix, maxdome and other players in the German subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) market through a relaunch of its SVOD service Watchever.

Under the motto Es gibt noch so viel zu entdecken (translated: There is so much more to discover), the content on the platform is now bundled into 25 thematic channels to facilitate orientation for viewers. The channels feature programmes from content providers such as ABC, BBC Worldwide, Disney and ZDF Enterprises; further channels are compiled by the Watchever team.

The portfolio includes channels branded, for example, ABC Studios, BBC First, CBS, BBC Doctor Who, ZDF Enterprises, Kinopalast, Mad Movies, Arthaus, Disney Movies, Docusphere, BBC Earth, Universal Music,, Kids, Baby TV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Corner, BBC Brit, Jamie Oliver, Maker Studios and MTV. Further channels will be added gradually.

The new channel-based Watchever is initially available on the web and on Apple TV with further platforms to follow. The monthly flat-rate subscription price remains at €8.99.