Swisscom is deploying the Verimatrix VCAS Ultra content security architecture as part of its new Android-based set-top box system, the security company has announced.

The so-called Swisscom 2.0 launched in April 2015, initially with Verimatrix VCAS. The upgrade to VCAS Ultra comes as Swisscom launches a new line of UHD and high dynamic range capable Android set-top boxes that enable subscribers to watch premium UHD content as a part of the TV Swisscom 2.0 service.

The Android-based set-top features Marvell’s ARMADA 1500 Ultra (88DE3218) system-on-chip (SoC) platform has been integrated with the Verimatrix Videomark forensic watermarking solution. Swisscom currently has more than 1.24 million customers, and is gaining new subscribers at a rate of 1,250 customers a day.

“Our Swisscom TV 2.0 deployments represent a successful, best-of-breed partner ecosystem that delivers the most innovative technology, while still providing ultimate flexibility to continually launch leading-edge services,” said Peter Fregelius, head of TV Development and Technology at Swisscom. “VCAS Ultra from Verimatrix is the only solution today that is able to meet the unique needs of our network and satisfy stringent security requirements for UHD/4K content.”

VCAS Ultra is designed to extend the operator’s reach to premium UHD services and advanced hybrid network deployments to meet or exceed content providers’ requirements for protection of UHD content.