du, Huawei, unveil 400G OTN network in UAE


Rebecca Hawkes

| 02 October 2015

UAE telco du and Chinese technology firm Huawei have commercially launched the first 400G OTN network in the Middle East to support the Emirate's surging use of mobile video.

The 400G OTN network will manage "the massive amounts of data" at du's core data centre in Khazna, and bear ultra-broadband requirements. This will enable du to expand its service development and transmission capabilities for data centre and mobile video services, and offer high speed video for consumers.

"The increasing traffic from mobile broadband and video services greatly impacts our bearer networks. This joint effort with Huawei will maximise du's network capacity and improve our investment efficiency to meet the service bearing requirements between data centres. This milestone signifies our entrance into the 400G era," said Jasim Al Awadi, vice president, network infrastructure and services, du.

Huawei's 400G OTN network employs leading oDSP and dual-carrier 16QAM coding technologies, maximising the transmission capacity over optical fibre. This, says du, will help it meet future broadband network demands and improve speed, capacity, density, efficiency and reach. For du customers, it will mean higher speeds and performance when viewing or sharing mobile video.