New president blows into Highwinds as it expands CDN capacity



| 02 October 2015

Aiming to grown its global business, content delivery network firm Highwinds has appointed Rich Day as its new president.

Having joined the company in 2010 as chief architect, Day has been at the centre of the company's technological innovation and new product development in the content delivery space. In 1999, he co-founded Speedera Networks and served as its chief architect until its acquisition by Akamai in 2005. Following the acquisition, he stayed on at Akamai for several years to oversee customer transitions.

As chief architect, Day led the Highwinds technical teams that engineered the global network to scale rapidly and handle growth. His teams have optimised CDN performance, added new PoPs (points of presence) and boosted network capacity to maintain headroom. Over the past seven quarters, Highwinds increased network capacity by 300% and is in the process of doubling capacity once again, to be completed by April 2016.

Commenting on the appointment, Highwinds CEO Steve Miller said: "If you look at his career before joining us in 2010, and all that he's accomplished here in the past five years, you'll see that [Day] was as much chief customer advocate as he was chief architect. We share the belief that technology and service should never be mutually exclusive and that's why this new role suits him ... Rich will now serve at the helm of all technical and customer-facing teams, who together are tasked with continuing to operate one of the largest edge compute and caching networks in the world."

"I'm honoured to be given this opportunity to lead our talented teams with direction, focus and passion, but our ongoing success is not about me," Day added. "It's the result of an experienced management team working together toward common goals. It's also the result of our people taking products that are already great and making them even better, inventing new solutions that provide immense value to customers, and continually raising the bar on customer service."