have multics r82 on vps
exchange cacheex CS378X mode 02 only this caid
csat 0500, csat 0100, digtal+ 1810 and 0100, Sky D 1702 and 09c4,09cd
CLIENT must be configured like this:
CS378X USER: user pass { cacheex_mode=2;shares=0100:3311,0100:3315,0500:328 30,09C4:000000,1702:000000,1810:0000000,1810:00400 1,1810:004101,0100:000000,0100:004106,09cd ;}
SERVER like this:
CS378X SERVER: host pot user pass { cacheex_mode=2; }
option : maxhope=2 must be in the profile, as M evilyes says
send your active line
any line not configured like above is not accepted
line not active post wil be ignored.

happy share