DTT awareness falls across Peru


Juan Fernandez Gonzalez

| 05 October 2015

While Latin America as a whole is moving towards the DTT era, in Peru 80% of people are unaware of digital technology, a figure higher than four years ago.

concorThe latest report from ConcorTV, Peru's TV and radio council, has found that only 20% of Peruvians know what DTT is, while in 2013 25% knew, and in 2011 three out of ten people knew about it. The reason, according to the authorities: DTT deployment is taking longer than expected - Peru adopted the digital standard in 2006 - and the topic is no longer a current debate.

The trend is found throughout the country, from the bigger cities in which DTT awareness is higher (26% have heard about digital TV in Lima) to less populated areas (in Ayacucho, 95% people know nothing about it).

The ConcorTV report has also found that TV is the most consumed media (by 98.3% of people) in Peru, ahead of radio (81.3%), newspapers (75.2%) and the Internet (51.2%), figures pointing to a generally slow adoption of digital habits.

Over 60% Peruvians also watch pay-TV, according to the survey, even though the latest official figures from legal operators point to 30% penetration and 1.5 million subs in the whole country.