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Thread: Problem in programming dragonmodule

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    Problem in programming dragonmodule

    Help me please,
    Programming the loadercard goes ok, but when loading the dragoncam I get "the card does not contain a valid image" in the end of the process. What's wrong?

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    Re: Problem in programming dragonmodule

    im getting the same problem, ive tried many 3.59 images and loader files for my fun 7 cards. I found only one 3.58 that would load and i lost that when my computer crashed. Does anyone know why im getting invalid image file? ive tried different cards, different loaders and different files. is there a certain file i should use with a fun7 card?



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    Angry Re: Problem in programming dragonmodule

    I have similar problem with 3.59, I use CAS interface 8.1. Again 3.58 is no problem, just 3.59.

    Any Ideas?

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    Re: Problem in programming dragonmodule


    I have the same problem with my trex 4.1

    Please, can you help us cause we are a lot having this problem.

    thank you by advance


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    Re: Problem in programming dragonmodule

    I use the Dragoncrypt program and have not had a problem, it has its own built in file checker, try it, it works for me.

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    Re: Problem in programming dragonmodule

    thanks dypcdiver,
    the message i have is "Dummy Card is not inserted to Dragon CAM !!!. Please Insert it and press Start Update." after 99% loading.

    How find and using dragoncrypt program please.


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