Hi all

I tried a smartwi on cccam with different cards, art, firecrypt and tv vlaanderen but it doesn't work.
Heres' my config
-dm500 with gemini 3.50 and cccam1.7.1
-smartwi with 3clientcards V8

I tried different version of cccam even 1.2.1 and also a nabilo image.
tried also on my dm7020.
I copied the ATR of the different cards on the clientcards but no way!

In other receivers it works so it's not a smartwi problem but a problem of compatibility with cccam.
I tried to use newcs but I can't get it to work, it's the first time I use newcs, if someone can help with newcs or just which image with which version of cccam is working.

thanx in advance