Rightster, the global multi-platform network for digital video, has launched VideoSpring, a fully searchable video licensing portal.

The video library, which consists of one of the world’s largest collections of premium viral and user-generated content, offers marketers, creatives and producers the ability to discover and license the best-known and most shared videos on the web without a long and complex clearance process.

VideoSpring will be updated daily with fresh content from around the world, with a core focus on brand-safe videos with proven viewership. Content will be sourced across all major video platforms including YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram and Facebook. All videos are exclusive to the portal, are fully rights-cleared for commercial usage and ready for licensing on request.

Rightster has a history in licensing some of the world’s best viral content stemming from its 2014 acquisition of Viral Spiral Group, which has the exclusive licensing rights to famous viral sensation Charlie Bit My Finger, Sneezing Baby Panda and many other iconic videos. Utilising this expertise and experience, VideoSpring has been developed to meet the growing demand amongst marketers to integrate user-generated content as part of their creative campaigns by providing an effective resource to curate and rights-clear the best of social.

Rightster has a network of 2,500 content owners, generates over 1.6 billion online video views per month, and has recently partnered with global brands including Procter & Gamble, Universal Pictures and 20th Century Fox on their online video campaigns.

Patrick Walker, CEO, comments: “The world is creating and sharing more content than ever before. We want to challenge the traditional stock-footage model and help brands leverage content that is already popular and inherently shareable in a digital era where consumers are also creators, and where content consumption online has skyrocketed. Engagement and authenticity are more important than ever for brands and utilising user-generated content provides marketers with a powerful means to tell relatable and culturally relevant stories.”