Berlin-based EarthTV has launched its new robotic production system.

The software system will enable broadcasters and producers, to create new shows for all platforms by re-packaging their existing content in a simple, effective and automated way

Swiss broadcaster SRF (Schweizer Radio and Fernsehen) has signed an agreement with EarthTV to use the software. The agreement will allow SRF to create short programming using their own sports and music content.

The software can also be adapted to other genres such as entertainment programming, both scripted and non-scripted,

“The technology fits our purposes excellently, especially our short term need for fillers, which derives from a big amount of live programming in all time slots,” said SRF head of TV programming Stefano Semeria.

“SRF will use EPS to automatically create shows of various lengths for programming, it will be operational by the beginning of 2016.”

EarthTV managing director Claudius Lohmann added, “The Robotic TV Show Generator offers more scope to provide more targeted content. Numerous scheduling gaps can be filled with this content in the future and will enable broadcasters to considerably enrich their schedules with up-to-the-second images delivered instantaneously via earthTv Cloud.”

EarthTV is known for their fully-automated Global HD camera network and their catalogue of international short programmes including flagship The World Live.