Polish private broadcaster TVN will start producing a number of original series exclusively for its online service Player.pl.

Markus Tellenbach, CEO and president at TVN, said the broadcaster would continue to deliver trailers and promotional material to platforms such as YouTube and Facebook, but that long form content would only be available on its own OTT servicer Player.pl, “Original content has the strength to drive an online platform. “

“Established broadcasters have not yet answered the challenge of original programming, perhaps with the exception of the BBC.” Now TVN wants to change that by being one of the first to start producing original content for online consumption only.

“TVN’s original online productions are developed specifically for today’s young media consumer – shorter episodes and a concentration on action to accommodate mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets as evidenced by Web Therapy, our first online original production starring Polish oscar-winning actress Agata Kulesza.” Tellenbach said.

TVN Online Original productions include a Polish version of the hit show Lip Sync Battle, Start u up!; the first Polish reality show dedicated to the online audience, Kuba Wojewodzki Standup; My lovestories, a feel-good docu-reality series about love; and second seasons of spinoffs Kuchenne rewolucje. Powroty (Kitchen Revolutions Returns) and Zony Hollywood. Więcej (Hollywood Housewives).


Christian Anting, TVN board member in charge of digital and e-commerce, told Braodband TV News that Player.pl is the number one VOD platyform in the country, with 1.3 million registered users and an average monthly viewing time of eight hours and 25 minutes. The number of users has doubled in the past year.

“Local content is king – Polish content drives higher audiences for us,” with TVN series getting 90 times more viewers than licensed content from outside the country.