Households with streaming media devices watch more video


Michelle Clancy

| 08 October 2015

Households with a streaming media device hooked up to the TV watch more online video content than households without them.

According to data from Parks Associates, households with an active streaming media device, like Apple TV, Roku (which just launched the Roku 4) or Chromecast, watch an average of 22 hours of video on television per week. That's a four hours more than households without a streaming device, which clock in at just 18 hours per week on average.

The study found that owners of streaming media devices consume more online video across the board, watching an average of six hours of streaming internet video per week. They also watch only eight hours of broadcast television per week, compared to ten hours per week for non-owners. This isn't a surprising finding, but it's one that pay-TV and linear providers need to think about going forward.

"Adoption of streaming devices, combined with an increasing supply of OTT options, has altered the video environment, demanding new business models in advertising, content creation, and video subscriptions," said Brett Sappington, director of research at Parks Associates.

Consumers without streaming media devices consume about half as much streaming content, coming in at just three hours of Web video per week.