iZotope debuts RX Post Production suite


Michelle Clancy

| 08 October 2015

Production technology firm iZotope has released its RX Post Production Suite.

The suite of tools is designed specifically to enable post-production professionals to better edit, mix and deliver their audio for film, broadcast, video and new media. The flagship product in the suite is the RX 5 Audio Editor, a significant update to iZotope's RX audio repair platform .

The RX Post Production Suite contains products aimed at every stage of the audio post-production workflow, with tools for everything from audio repair and editing to mix enhancement and final delivery.

The new RX 5 Audio Editor and RX 5 Advanced Audio Editor repair and enhance problematic production audio while speeding up workflows that currently require either multiple manual editing passes, or a non-intuitive collection of tools from different vendors.

RX 5 Audio Editor's new Instant Process tool lets editors 'paint out' unwanted sonic elements directly on the spectral display with a single mouse gesture. The new Module Chain allows users to define a custom chain of processing (eg de-click, de-noise, de-reverb, EQ match, leveller, normalise) and then save that chain as a preset so that multiple processes can be recalled and applied in a single click for repetitive tasks.

"Module Chains mean no more printing whole tracks back to Pro Tools. Now, I can recall a chain every time I'm faced with the same location and apply it on a case-by-case basis," said Damian Kearns, sound editor and mixer (PBS Frontline, FIFA World Cup). "So much more precise than a blanket fix and so time-saving when dealing with series work."

In RX 5 Advanced Audio Editor, a new de-plosive module minimises plosives from letters such as p, t, k, and b, in which strong blasts of air create a pressure change at the microphone element, impairing the sound. In addition, the leveller module has been enhanced with breath and 'ess' (sibilance) detection for increased accuracy when performing faster than real-time levelling. Likewise, new enhancements for the Ambience Match module improve accuracy for creating noise profiles when matching background noise to mask edit points. Ambience Match is now also available as an AudioSuite plug-in for constructing consistent ambience beds under constructed sentences and ADR lines directly from within Pro Tools and Media Composer.