The body representing the UK’s technical sector has called on the BBC to be given a remit to support the UK tech industry.

In its response to the Department for Culture, Media and Sports consultation into the BBC charter review, techUK says decision taken by the BBC with regards to technology roadmaps and distribution methods not only have an impact on the cost of devices and services enjoyed by UK consumers, but on the competitiveness and sustainability of the UK technology sector itself.

It says a similar remit to that already held by the BBC when it comes to the creative industries should be included for the tech economy.

Paul Hide, Director of Operations at techUK, said: “The BBC has played a leading role in the UK and global content creation, broadcast and distribution markets. It’s vital that it retains the funding needed to effectively support the UK’s thriving tech and media industries.”

techUK’s key recommendations for the Charter are:
•The BBC must remain an independent producer and broadcaster of content and services.
•The BBC should continue to focus on the 6 public purposes under which it currently operates.
•Just as the BBC has a remit to support the UK creative economy, a similar such remit for the tech economy must be included in the new Charter.
•It is important that BBC continues to be funded in a sufficiently stable, secure and transparent way.
•The period of Charter must allow sufficient visibility and security of funding to enable longer term investment planning.