Telenovelas, realities, warrant of success in Latin America


Juan Fernandez Gonzalez

| 10 October 2015

Soap operas and reality shows are firm favourites with Latin American viewers, according to a Kantar Ibope Media report.

Analysing an audience of over 44 million households and 135.5 million viewers, the recently merged business Kantar Ibope Media points out that four of the Latin American analysed markets like telenovelas more than any other format, meaning at least over half of viewers have soap operas as their preferred kind of TV show.

In Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Panama audiences favour soap operas, while reality shows are the main viewing of choice in Colombia, Guatemala and Costa Rica, explains the report.

The west of Latin America likes sports, and football is the most watched content in Peru and Chile. Argentina prefers comedies and Ecuador likes talk shows.

Kantar Ibope Media's merge is effective from this month, and both the companies integrate their tools within a new service, aiming to strengthen their position in the region.