Quantcast launches Audience Grid for ad targeting


Michelle Clancy

| 11 October 2015

Quantcast has launched the Audience Grid to target advertising more effectively.

The open data platform applies Quantcast's dataset, data processing and data modelling capabilities to increase the reach and accuracy of any data applied to online and mobile app audiences. Data providers plug their offline or online consumer data into the Audience Grid, where it's joined with Quantcast's live data on Web and mobile app activity from millions of publisher destinations. The result is a real-time repository of anonymous consumer behaviours, made available for targeting and insights.

“The full transformative potential of the Big Data revolution has yet to be realised in advertising and marketing,” Konrad Feldman, co-founder and CEO of Quantcast. "The value of data too often goes unrealised because it's locked in separate silos, diminished in the process of moving it from offline to a digital environment and stymied by the lack of scale. Quantcast Audience Grid solves these fundamental challenges by creating an always-on utility that connects data to maintain its freshness, scale and accuracy, allowing leading data owners to extend their data across the widest possible audiences."

Quantcast Measure data has always been collected anonymously, with conclusions about behaviours based on statistical modelling of mass volumes of data points rather than relying upon connecting activities to actual identities. Similarly, all of the data in the Audience Grid, regardless of source, has been anonymised.

Quantcast recently announced that it is supplementing the viewer data gathered through registration profile information for Channel 4 in the UK, to deliver demographic breakdowns on VOD audiences.