Mediapro appoints new marketing, advertising exec


Juan Fernandez Gonzalez

| 13 October 2015

Spain's Mediapro has announced the appointment of Enric Pujadas as executive for advertising, marketing and sponsorship activities.

President and CEO of Grupo Bassat Ogilvy in Spain since 2005, Pujadas has also worked at Cinzano, Benckiser and Sanofi. In Bassat Ogilvy he has occupied various executive positions since 1982.

Combining its corporate activity, Pujadas has also been part of Spain's board for advertising control and president of El Sol, the Latin American Festival of Advertising Communication.

He comes to Mediapro to reinforce the company's marketing and advertising strategy, while the group is growing and becoming one of the largest audiovisual companies in Europe. With international agreements with beIN Media Group, among others, Mediapro internationally manages
audiovisual rights for La Liga and owns Formula One for Spain and Latin America, among other sporting rights agreements concluded over recent years.

With 30 international offices across the world, nearly 4,000 people are currently working for Mediapro. The group invoiced over 1.5 billion last year, 40% of which came from its international divisions.