Berlin-based media company RTV Broadcast & Contentmanagement has received the green light from German media regulator KEK for Russian-language TV channels Nasch Kinomir and TeleBom/TeleDom.

Nasch Kinomir will screen Russian movies while TeleBom/TeleDom will offer a children’s section with cartoons (TeleBom) and a block with Russian TV series (TeleDom). The channels will be distributed as pay-TV services on German cable networks.

The sole shareholder of the operating company is Peter Tietzki. He also holds 51.26% of the shares of RtvD Video- und Filmproduktionsgesellschaft which operates Russian-language pay-TV entertainment channels Nasche Ljubimoe Kino, Detski Mir and Teleclub as well as a 25% stake in RTVi German, operator of Russian-language pay-TV general interest channel RTVi.