Dmitry Dronov, the president of the Moscow-based cable operator Akado, has resigned after only four months in the post.

Quoting unnamed sources at the company, Comnews reports that his departure was a mutual decision with Akado’s shareholders. However, no reasons were given.

The sources also confirmed that Nikolay Kuzmenko has been appointed the acting president and general director of the Akado Telekom group of companies.

Dronov succeeded Viktor Koresh, who did not have his contract renewed, while Kuzmenko has only been at Akado since August.

There have also been a number of other changes at senior managerial level at Akado in the last few months.

Akado claimed over 1 million pay-TV subscribers, equivalent to a 19% share of the total market (cable, DTH and IPTV), in Moscow last year.

However, its share in St Petersburg was less than 1%.