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Thread: Possible to program CAM without removing from receiver?

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    Possible to program CAM without removing from receiver?

    I have a Cas3, T-Rex 4.6 & dragon loader card & a Humax HDCI-2000. I can program the T-rex cam by plugging it into the Cas3 with the dumy card.

    I would like to program the T-rex cam WITHOUT removing it from the sat receiver or using the dragon card. So basically i want to use the Cas3 dummy card permanently plugged into the T-rex while the T-rex is in the sat receiver. That way I have basically connected the sat receiver to the PC and don't have to mess around with loader cards or removing the cam from the sat receiver.

    Maybe there is some other piece of hardware that will allow me to do this.

    Any help appreciated!

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    Re: Possible to program CAM without removing from receiver?

    Yes you can do it
    Load your dragon card with the cas3
    Connect your cas3 to the computer
    Choose the smart card
    Click on the botton of dragon card
    Select the firmware you want to load ( Predasaur.dra )
    Click on - Program Dragon Card
    The card will now be loaded.
    Insert the programmed card into the Dragon module. Insert this into a receiver
    and turn on the receiver. make sure you are tuned to an FTA channel.

    Go to the Common interface menu on the receiver, and select the "Dragon Loader" module.
    In the next menu, select "yes, Load module".
    Now a menu appears indicating that loading is in progress. To see the actual porgress percentage,
    select "refresh".

    When loading is complete, a menu appears saying "Loading successful". REMOVE the loader
    card from the module, and switch off and turn back on the receiver.

    When you upload the Predasaur file you find with it a bloc note ' How to ' - Read it carefully

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