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Thread: Help KSC-570H

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    Help KSC-570H

    I want to update my Kaon KSC-570H

    I have tried with the bootloader 219V4 619V4
    and I have tried with KUP230 for new software

    Every time when I starts to download the program stops, without errors.
    On the display you can see "starting downloading" and that's all.
    I have to cut the power off the receive to disconnect.

    Kano KSC-570H
    SW V13.05.04
    HW V13.41.6D
    Loader V6.1.9

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    Re: Help KSC-570H

    1. Please download sw to each box.
    2. Tune channel on Hotbird (10873V 27500) channel
    3. Stay tune Maximum 5minutes.
    4. If channel comes, and then try other t*s channel, it will work for 1
    5. After 1 days, key will be expired, and that time, please tune again on
    above frequency.

    Note :
    turn the clock on (GMT+0:00)

    you must use this last patch.

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