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Thread: Info on how to get things Going

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    Info on how to get things Going

    Hey, Ive recently just gotten into all this, and managed to figure out how to update software for my reciever, wasnt hard at all but when it comes to codes i am at a complete loss of what is going on. At first i was going around find all these Softcam keys amongst other type etc. I manage to change them to .bin, then when i comes to me puttin them into my reciever nothing happens no loading or anything. MY question here is What is a softcam does this require me to buy card of some sort and input the keys into that, or are these keys put directly into the reciever via RS232 cable. And is there anyway for me to put in the codes into reciever from PC directly, what programs do i need for this and what types of keys and so on, BTW, my reciever is a StarSat Srx-3100CU Ultra. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thx. i hope i havent left anything out.

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    Re: Info on how to get things Going

    hi Ysuedan,
    on your receiver, you've fix a software (i.e. L371) by null-modem cable and PC. this software contains already some keys and also key finder AU),
    now what do you wanna watch? if it is TiPiS or SiRiG on hotbird (i.e.) your software is auto so go to the channel wait 1 to 2mn it might be clear.
    If not shut down receiver by the back side switch and turn it on again.
    for daily update not auto keys you can use remote menu setting 1 2 3 4 (without OK) choose the line you need to replace and type the values.
    when you use softcam update by PC you erase and replace the previous keys so be careful.
    hope it helps

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