Supported Cards

- Premium-Cards:
SS1, Technotrend-Premium, Hauppauge Nexus (DVBs + DVBc)

- LowBudget-Cards: (Only tested by BetaTesters):
SS2-DVB-S (Driver must be <= 4.3.0), Pinnacle PCTVSAT, NOVA, TT-DVBc-Budget and Twinhan 1020/1030A/102g/1025

IMPORTANT: RitzDVB comes WITHOUT any codec-setup for BudgedCards.
That means: If you have a BudgetCard you need registered mpeg codecs on your machine where you can build some graphs. The new setup include some graphs, but as said the corresponding codecs are not included. (see manual chapter "BudgetCard HowTo" for further Info about BudgetCards) e this application to watch&record for myself, so please do not write Wish or Bug Lists.
If you like my program you can use it, otherwise consider trying other dvb applications.


- Record/Play-Modes: PVA (Premium Cards) + MPEG
- Hardware OSD over Premium DVB card TV-Out
(EPG/Channel list/Play & Record Files/Timers...)
- Channel editor included
- Language editor included
- Scheduler included
(with automatic Shut Down)
- Soft Remote included
- Original SS1/TT/Hauppauge-NEXUS/NOVA Remote supported
- for all other Remotes Girder-File included
- MD-Plugins supported
- Channel logos supported
- tvtv Joblist Support (generate Timers online via web)
- call extern Executables
- orig. SS1/TT/Hauppauge-Nexus CIModul supported
- Support Multiple DVB-Cards
- DiSEqC1.2 Support - Tested only with SkyStar1 and SkyStar2(modified drivers by MiBi)

P.S: Thank you Saar, and everyone who developed DVBcore !
1000 Thanks to Saar for permission to make it public.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SETUP - List of new features
  • Setup:
  • This is the first version in which RitzDVB comes with an Installer.
    The Installer can also used to update your current RitzDVB version.
    For new ASTRA users there is a full preconfigured ASTRA-Package as a choosable Type in the installer.
    Included in the new installer are
    - languages: german, bosnian, croatian, czech, dutch, french, italian, polish, portuguese, spanish, turkish
    - transponderfiles: astra, hotbird, hispasat, thor (for more see
    - channellogos: astra and hotbird (for more see
    - plugins: avbroadcaster, dvbepg, mdteletext
    - configfiles for remoting: via girder or pinnacle tool
    - some graphs by default now included.
    (but as pointed lot of times: such ready graps can or cannot work on your personal machine. So best is still to build graphs yourself as told here: )

  • using RitzDVB as DVB-Server to control the dvb-card, or as DVB-Client to control the dvb-Server from other places in your lan.
    for such configurations you can use now the extern Firebird Databaseserver which is available for free.
    A full description and step by step guide about RitzDVB in network you'll find in the manual. See chaper Network Install for the english speakers, or the chapter Netzwerk Installation for the german ones.

  • new Option "msec to reload Graph after channelswitch (Softmode)"
    (this can handle some issues with the codecs as eg wrong aspect ratio with the ffdshow.)
  • new Option "use AC3 if audio PID set as AUTO"
    (this is for users who ever wants the ac3 pid as the prefered active pid without doing any other configuration)
  • new Option "Switch to channel# after start"
    (this is for users who wants a fix channel which RitzDVB tunes by restart)

  • enhanced the "reindexing channelnumber by sid" function by adding an new offset dialog.
    (now the sid reindex function will check for multiple satellites and opens a dialog where you can input some offsets for the channelnumbers per satellite. so you can prevent doubled channelnumbers when you reindex channels of multiple satelliteproviders which use the same sids)

  • SimpleMode now store its size
  • Info in bottom Statusbar if AC3 s active

  • new Dateformat ";hh:nn" for the extern executables
  • german Language updated
downoad at:
(for Download is no SignIn required.)

hope you'll enjoy it

P.S: Please look into the Manual Chapter "Network" for the description of the new networking features. Manual you'll find via menu info->help or in the folder help as printable pdf.


General Install / Update:
From version 0.9 RitzDVB is provided now as setup.
The setup can do a fresh install but also you can use to update your current RitzDVB version as well.

install for ASTRA
For ASTRA users there is a preconfigured type in the Setup available.
1. Start the RitzDVB Setup
2. inside the setup choose the preconfigured ASTRA installation
3. run the seetup
4. start RitzDVB
5. (if you have a Budget Card, RightClick on TV-Panel to select a Graph)

PS: The included ASTRA Channellist is just a short quick list with only some german providers. If someone wants to add other/more channels in list simply add it from Pool into your list. (Channellpool you can reach in the Scan-Module)

Some important Infos about Budget Cards
The new setup do register the dvbcore.dll by default.
Means the dvbcore.dll will registered as a directshow filter. And this is required to use and build some graphs for video/audio decoding. These graphs are descriptions-files and tells your machine what codecs to use to decode the packeged mpeg2 format of video and audio.

The setup do install some of these graps.
But keep in mind that only graphs are working where the pointed codecs inside are installed properly on your machine.
Otherwhise you'll get a error as "Cannot Initialize DirectShow Playback"
If none of the included graphs work build a graph yourself as described in our BudgetCards-FAQ

FAQ "BudgetCards"

RitzDVB ver.
File Size 13 Mb