I have dreambox DM500 all connected and setup by a local vendor. So I have no idea what he has done. I do know that I paid him peanuts for viewing encrypted channels and under the agreement would continue to do so every year. But there is annoying problem.
Every now and then, while viewing encrypted channels, the screen freezes. This is sometimes easily resolved by restarting the cam, in my case its named 'NewCamD-Betad 6.10b'. If this does not work I have to call up the guy and say its not working. After that he does something and everything is back to normal.

My question to you guys is what this guy does to make it working again. Is it some sort of online subscription where he subscribes for me?

I have limited understanding of this 'NewCamD-Betad 6.10b'. As I understand it is something installed on the Dreambox, but then why is an internet connection needed? Can anyone explain this internet connection too?