Here you have i litle tutorial, in how to add a usb port directly on the TD !
With this modification, you don't need to use the scsi/usb adapter !

Price of modification, about 3€ .

Here the TD with the scsi port !

Here what you need (a simple usb port for computer) price about 3 euros

Now remove the TD cover, and disconnect both ide cable and the usb from the pcb (rear pcb with 6 screws)

Now remove the end connector, and connect directly the 4 wires (left to right, black, green, white and red) to the mainboard pin's, be careful to not short circuit the pin's !

Now, with some lucky, i can directly atach the usb connector to the rear panel

Here the job done (it took me about 10 minutes) now when you reboot the TD, the usb stick is available !