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Thread: dragon chat

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    Thumbs up dragon chat

    so if i understand correctly, this is a trex without sim card reader and with 2 porn channel (like the zeta blue for the old free X tv ? )

    or are they other inprovement ?
    i just bought a trex and now i see the trex 4.5 for 50 more ?!?
    is this only because of 2 porn channels ?!?

    sorry i'm french, so i don't understand all that technical stuff

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    Re: New T-rex 4.5 cam


    with the RSA chip onborad there will be other possibility to decrypt chanel

    for me it is a big improvement but at this time there is no other chanel open but the chip will help in the future

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    Re: New T-rex 4.5 cam

    hum so the new trex is like the old one with one integreted card...
    if they're inteligent and make it open other channel, maybe they will sell a sim card add on for the old trex ....

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    Re: New T-rex 4.5 cam

    Do you know if the new T-Rex support the HDTV (including the Dolby 5.1) with an official card?
    I have read that the Dragon already support this (a bit slow to start but after it works) so we can hope that the new T-Rex works too.

    I read also that the PowerCAM support officially the throughput needed by HDTV decoding.

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    Re: New T-rex 4.5 cam

    I can tell you that the T-Rex can support Cerebro Cards w/HD and DD5.1, just fine. So I don't think it would be to much of a streach for those w/Original Card's.

    Again the ~ONLY~ reasion why the support on the Dragon\T-Rex was "slow", is simply this: There was nothing 'open' for the Dragon\T-Rex to decode! D+ & Cabo went to AC3 and we're all still holding or collective Breaths' that both the RSA and IDEA 86 Key's will be made public soon.
    Premiere could have been opend since November of last Year.
    But, since the 'Teams' would rather have or Cash, those 'Keys' were kept non-public, thuss no Premiere.

    As for the Dragon\T-Rex 4.5...
    If I understand it correctly that this CAM is going for €130.00(EUR) (e.g. +€50.00(EUR), more then the Original Dragon\T-Rex). Then I for One would rather have the Diablo CAM. With it's 16Mb RAM Storage on it.
    Allthough I'm not sure what good the 'RSA Chip' is. As the normal Dragon\T-Rex can already decode Narga2 RSA Providers (i.e. Premiere),.
    Besides I have the Cerebro-OS Card w/RSA for the times when the Keys are not in the public domain.

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    Re: Predasaurus 1.03, PW key 26/08/2006

    NOTE: If you do NOT have the Non-SIM version of the Dragon\T-Rex 4.5
    This could fork your whole Day + your CAM up!

    Having done this myself
    My T-Rex is no longer recognized in my STB!
    Thankfully I ~maybe~ able to recover, as the STB can still see the Loadercard!
    I'm currently waiting for the Loadercard to fininsh downgradeing me back to v3.46....

    Thankfully it seems that I was able to get my CAM working again.
    I should have known better.

    So do youselves a favor DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME!!

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    Re: New T-rex 4.5 cam


    your were wondering what good the 'RSA Chip' is

    then I have understood
    there is public and private section on the dragon module

    just to protect the key like in cerebro K3 didem ......

    so we will continue to have public key on our old GOOD Trex 4.1

    and 4.5 user will have all the private key like for this time Premiere

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    Re: New T-rex 4.5 cam

    I can use firmware in T-REX 4.1?

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    Exclamation Re: New T-rex 4.5 cam

    Quote Originally Posted by hoffmann View Post
    I can use firmware in T-REX 4.1?
    Do you have a T-rex super module ?
    If not don't use these files on it, because you will kill your cam !
    Files for your cam are called predator and you can find on this section the latest predator 349 !

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    Re: New T-rex 4.5 cam

    I will like to see this Cam supporting Nag2 USA with official card, will be intereting ..

    does this card work for N2

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