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Thread: Illusion Conax C3

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    Illusion Conax C3

    J'ai un problème avec mon illusion Conax C3:il me faudrait le schéma du jtag ainsi que les logiciels et les firmwares pour le remettre dans son état initial.

    Merci d'avance à tous ceux qui pourront m'aider.

    I have a problem with my illusion Conax C3: I would be necessary for me the diagram of the jtag as well as the software and the firmwares to give it in his initial state.
    Thank you in advance with all those which will be able to help me.

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    Arrow Re: Illusion Conax C3

    i hope this joined files will help u to solve the problem.

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    Re: Illusion Conax C3

    No joigned file(s).


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    Re: Illusion Conax C3

    Please, help!!! I want MultiCAm 5.52, if anybody have - please send me!!!!

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