Hey ive just got my motorised system set up and i have a dreambox 500-S.
Ive managed to get it al set up and most of the satellites id like to get although when i looked into cards/cams this is where i got lost abit.

Ive had a look about and ive noticed you can buy some cards which are blank and allow you to put stuff onto them, they are called funcards and other variants yeah?. How do i do this? do i just download the file, copy it onto the card and then insert the card into my receiver?

Also i notice eurosport is encrypted on this recever but it wasnt on my old receiver, and i say somewhere i can copy files onto a card to decrypt the channel but will i need an ongoing internet connection?

My laptop doesnt have a smart card reader but im persuming i can somehow copy the fles onto my dreambox and do it that way, although since i dont have a card to use in it im not sure if the dreambox will write data to a card.

Thanks a little help would be apprechited, im after as much info as possible really, whether its links or what any help is apprechiated on how cards, cams and keys work.

p.s. the dreambox has a smart card reader, does this mean i wont need any of the cams, i can just select from the menu the type i need and then insert the card?