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Thread: CLine and NLine tester

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    Cool CLine and NLine tester

    I created both Cline and Nline testing scripts in Python, C# and Java as nobody wanted to share the source code of either their websites or softwares that test lines.

    This way, with a bit of programming knowledge you can create your website or software that test c/nlines and be sure that nobody is stealing them. If you do so, please do it open source!

    Feel free to use them as much as you want, the code is quite commented so you can understand what is going on the inside of the Newcamd and CCcam protocol ;)


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    Re: CLine and NLine tester


    Thanks for the effort.
    So in this project you are only calling test end point of the server. What is the endpoint that our receivers are calling when using the cccam line to watch the channel?
    Do we have a documentation with end points and message formats.

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