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Thread: Card Sharing Questions

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    Card Sharing Questions

    Hi There,

    I just wanted to clear up a few questions as im a little confused.

    1. Card Sharing Peers

    I had a friend setup my dreambox and I have a few packages but the thing i wanted to know is:

    Because I am connected to others that are sharing, If I added someones dline to my config file would they be able to also clear the channels I do?

    2. Local Card Sharing

    I take it local card sharing is when you share a card or you are connected to someone who is directly sharing a card?

    3. Sharing Cards

    Say If I had 4 cards to share, would I need 2 Dreambox's as each one can only take 2 cards?

    Also If I was sharing those cards & I was connected to others that were sharing different cards, If I added someone to my config (Dline) Would they also be able to clear the channels from the cards the other person was sharing?

    4. Popular Packages

    What are the most popular packages? & how much are they? per month? per year?

    Thanks In Advance.

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    Re: Card Sharing Questions

    1) depends how many reshare hops u had

    2) yes.

    3) if you had 4 cards then u could have 2 dreamboxexs.or a 8in 1 card socket.

    4) most popular packages are on 28east, 19e, 13e, 1w 30w.

    take a look at

    also i would reccomend using cccam over gb0x.

    also i would reccomend using

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