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Thread: firmware upgrade 9080net help

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    firmware upgrade 9080net help


    I inputed (6.16) and pressed ok. it upgraded and said good on the led. turned it off and on. It says '0123", "boot"
    "----" and then the buttens dont work nothing works just the LED . I got a serial rs232 and put it in the rear . downloaded box loader 2.1. I go into box loader and press com 4 , it says connecting and then error. i keep trying but it doenst work.
    Can anybody help.? And do I need a null cableinstead of a serial rs232?

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    Yes, indeed you need a null-modem cable(crossed RS-232) to update the MVisions. As a loader it is also better to use the MVisionUtils instead of Boxloader, especially for the 8000 and 9000 series.
    When updating to the latest 6.19 version, update bootloader AND software.

    Brgrds, Erik.

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    Re: firmware upgrade 9080net help

    cheers Erik I got that working, I had the cable in the wrong place at the back of the computer

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