I have a legal sub card (nagra). I have been able to retrieve some hex keys from it and copy these onto another card which then works OK on the receiver. However I would like to use this cloned card on my computer with MyTheatre or ProgDVB (I have a Twinhan DVB-S). I don't have a Nagra CAM for the DVB-S and the plugin Poor Man's CAM (PMCAM2Nagra_2.15) will not recognise my programmer so I cannot use the cloned card. I have not found any other CAM emulator plugins which will work with Nagra. I can use vplug, s3emu and other softcam plugins but have to constantly retrieve the latest softcam.key as it changes 2 or 3 times a day. Is there a way to use the hex keys from my sub with a MT or Progdvb plugin so that I don't have to download the latest softcam key everyday?