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Thread: Eurobird 1 Question

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    Eurobird 1 Question

    Hey friends,

    Is that true that there are a lot of FREE channels + FREE XXX channels on Eurobird 1? I saw this info at Lyngsat, but I wanted to double check. And, I'm living in Canada ... is there any other satellite hacking other than Dishnetwork , BellExpressVu, or GlobeCast? I don't take if it's outside Canada, but I really want to know. Thanks and Please reply sooooooon!

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    Re: Eurobird 1 Question

    I don't see how this question hs to do with NDS Encryiption, but I'll try to answer you anywy.

    First off, the "Free" Channels re just about ~limitted to~ the BBC (1,2 CBBC, 3 and 4 and BBCi ~Special event iNTERACTIVE Channels~, Itv 1, 2, 3 and 4, Movies4Men and TrueMovies (lame made for 80's TV Movies), Film4 (the only **GOOD** Movie Channel w/Commercial interruptions though.

    You have to pay for all the p0rnz off Eurobird, the closest thing maybe Playboy One, but I thought the original Playboy sucked this does more and is more geared towards a QVC type Marketplace,

    Now the bad news you say your from Canada?!
    I'm affrade you may have a better chance in hitting the Lotto then hitting the Eurobird1, as the "Footprint" is kept as small as possible to only cover Ireland, and the UK, some parts of Western Europe (France, Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany.
    Living in Frankfurt (Germany), I'm on the trailing edge of this Footprint myself, although I'm still able to receive most (if not all), channels on my 90Øcm Dish.
    So I wouldn't hold much hope in catching it.

    AFAIK Dish, BellVu are the only (narga2), haced Birds in your area, Alas I'm outa my league on what is or is not viewable from the skys' over the US/Can...

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    Re: Eurobird 1 Question

    i am sorry i will soon start posting mine.late by thy way im facing exam.

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    Re: Eurobird 1 Question

    Eurobird 1 satellite is located at 28.5 east, covering most of europe and is almost colocated with the Astra2 satellites carrying channels for the BskyB platform as well as many FTA channels. Eurobird 1 will also be the home of the data stream for the new Freesat platform coming in 2008.

    Its footprint doen't cover Canada, and only the Astra2D has a focused footprint over the uk, Astra 2A-B-C and Eurobird1 have foot print that cover most of mainland Europe.

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