hi all, i have a strange problem.
i try to listen to radio padania hotbird 13E.
it's an FTA channel.
with the original tivusat receiver and a qbox one it works so is not a dish or signal problem.
with the zgemma star h2 it's muted, no sound at all.
cccam (even if it's an fta channel) works for tivusat channel and read the original card so this is not the problem.
others radio on the same frequency and polarization works 11623V.
others radio from the same provider GLOBECAST works.
i have tried also with an edision os mini combo and also on this don't work.
maybe i have to install something?
i see also this settings:
sid 10758
type radio 2
audio pid mpeg 259
pcr 256
pid video 0
video type 0
audio channel 0
teletext 0
subtitles 0
could you check if they are ok ?
please help...

Ricevitore Marca: Zgemma
Modello: Star H2
Processore: bcm7358
Versione del Frontprocessor: None
Memoria Totale: 234448 kB
Memoria libera: 150996 kB
Tempo di avvio del ricevitore: 17:01
Software System OE: OE-Alliance 2.3
Distro: italysat Versione del Firmware: 7.0.197
Driver date: 20150604
Versione del kernel: 4.0.1
Versione della GUI: 2015-07-29
Tuners Tuner A: BCM7346 (internal) (DVB-S2)