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    Question sattelite receiver

    i have a sky 1b sattelite receiver that is linked on hotbird, i am in iraq and don't know how to get the rest of the channels. i can't just walk downtown and get them hooked up. says i have to pay for them, how do i do this or find a way around it. i have a usb cord for my receiver if that makes any difference. just frusterating paying that much money for no channels.

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    Re: sattelite receiver

    Hy @Gibbo "salamaleicum & a slema "!

    I want glady to help you, but i don´t know your receiver!

    What i can say for help you, it concerns the following ...:

    1. Access your receiver-menu and start a automatic channel search .

    2. If this did not help try a manually search (what programs do you want to watch?)
    So you have to look first HERE what the frequency of oyur searching channels are ...

    3. If point 1 & 2 no helps, you have to check your azimut and elevation of your sattellite dish and calculate this exactelly for
    you geographic position !!!

    4. After you check all this and nothing helps, the next possibility is that your LNB is defect. You have to exchange that immediately !

    By the way, for HOTBIRD you need a Dish of 1.50-1.80m diameter in IRAQ.


    Good luck and best regards

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