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Thread: Help Needed Signal Problem

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    Help Needed Signal Problem

    I live in Abu Dhabi UAE and i have a setup of 3 satellite dishes: Asiasat 7, NileSat and Paksat.
    I have a 4 way splitter for each dish which is then connected to 4 diseqc switches to connect these three satellite dishes.
    Each of the diseqc switches are connected as follows:
    Port 1: Paksat
    Port 3: NileSat
    Port 4: Asiasat 7

    Asiasat 7 and Nilesat work perfectly for me, but i have a problem with Paksat, the signal drops to 0 after some time for 1-2 seconds and is then back up. This happens constantly Could someone please tell me if its a problem with the splitter or diseqc.
    Thank You

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    Re: Help Needed Signal Problem

    Hi. I assume you have 3 dishes with 3 separate cables coming from the 3 LNB's. These 3 cables should then be connected to your 4 way disecq switch- what is the splitter for?? If Paksat is not working have you tried to connect it to one of the other ports which is working ..also check if cable is working ok. To be honest disecq switches are easy to setup so long as cables are working ok and receiver is configured correctly using the Disecq 1.0 protocol.

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    Re: Help Needed Signal Problem

    Actually we have 4 rooms in our house so we have put up a splitter which has one in and 4 outs which then goes to diseqc switches..
    checked the other port aswell but same problem

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    Re: Help Needed Signal Problem

    Hi. Why dont you just put a cable from the Paksat dish straight to a receiver and see if it picks up any channels. if it picks up channels then problem is with the way you connect the dish to the splitters or disecq. If it does not pick up channels then problem is dish alignment , faulty LNB or cable.


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