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Thread: KAON KSC-E620 (CI) 16:9 display problem (Software/Firmware/Updates?)

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    Question KAON KSC-E620 (CI) 16:9 display problem (Software/Firmware/Updates?)

    Hi everyone,

    a friend recently bought a KAON KSC-E620 (the one with 2 CI slots) and it works fine so far...except there is one problem: when he connects the receiver to his "4:3" size television, and the program is transmitted in 16:9 anamorphic, the receiver will always display the picture in the 16:9 full screen mode - which means, the picture is stretched to the top and bottom to fill the 4:3 screen.

    Of course, there is the picture size setting in the menu, which lets you select "4:3 letterbox" - but the receiver does not "show" this setting on the tv screen (although the setting is stored, and it is selected in the menu), but as soon as the menu is left, it will display again the 16:9 full screen (stretched). But the menu will still show "4:3 letterbox" although it is not displaying this selection!

    Also, when he selects the picture size manually on the remote control, and set it it to 4:3 letterbox, the picture is displayed correctly (with black bars on top and bottom), but as soon as he switches to another channel, or selects the menu, or make any other changes, it loses the setting again, and the picture is again displayed in 16:9 full screen (stretched).

    I tried to help and but I could not find any way to avoid this problem, and it is very annoying because there are so many programs in 16:9 anamorphic today, that he would have to select 4:3 letterbox on the remote control a hundred times a day every time when switching through channels...

    Does anyone else have that problem, or is this a glitch only on this receiver? Does anyone know what to do to change that?

    Also I checked the web site, but it seems there are no software updates, bug fixed, no current firmware etc - nothing available...right now the box has software version:

    MODEL: KSC-E620
    INFO: 10.05.08-D1D7
    S/W: V01.00.03
    H/W: V1A.01.A5
    LOADER: V1.0.2
    C.A: 2.7.4

    I also sent an email to KAON, but nobody answered... is there another software version or bug fix around?

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    Re: KAON KSC-E620 (CI) 16:9 display problem (Software/Firmware/Updates?)

    after sending another email to KAON, I got an answer, but can not find out what it means:


    이 병욱 팀장,

    메일 내용으로 보면 cABLE 사업자가 위성으로 신호를 받는 DTO Biz인것으로 보입니다.

    김 홍광

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    Re: KAON KSC-E620 (CI) 16:9 display problem (Software/Firmware/Updates?)

    Mate, use the remote control of your television !

    All 16:9 televisions have 5/6 diferents image formats, so just choose the good one with the remote !

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