I am trying to grab the Olympics epg from the freeview transponders here in the UK.

I have a 1Gig filedump and cannot find any IDs that match the Olympics 07f51a92 to 07f51a97.

I processed the file and have the following network IDs in the recording
Transport_stream_ID: 12294 (0x3006)
Transport_stream_ID: 16520 (0x4088)
Transport_stream_ID: 20544 (0x5040)
Transport_stream_ID: 24640 (0x6040)
Transport_stream_ID: 29697 (0x7401)
Transport_stream_ID: 32776 (0x8008)
Transport_stream_ID: 32779 (0x800b)
Transport_stream_ID: 32781 (0x800d)
Transport_stream_ID: 40960 (0xa000)
Transport_stream_ID: 4165 (0x1045)
Transport_stream_ID: 4168 (0x1048)
Transport_stream_ID: 4170 (0x104a)
Transport_stream_ID: 4222 (0x107e)
Transport_stream_ID: 45056 (0xb000)
Transport_stream_ID: 8198 (0x2006)
Transport_stream_ID: 8203 (0x200b)
Transport_stream_ID: 8205 (0x200d)
Transport_stream_ID: 8217 (0x2019)

But no Olympics?

I am grabbing pid 18 only.

Any ideas or anyone got the D-BOOK.

ps. Also missing are these 2
CITV 07fc2757
Horror Channel 0840d7a2