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Thread: Latest Version of Total Commander

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    Latest Version of Total Commander

    24.08.16 Release Total Commander 9.0 beta 11 (32/64)

    24.08.16 Fixed: Configuration - Options - View Mode: "Priority" checkbox could overlap with tab icon preview on higher DPI devices (32/64)
    24.08.16 Fixed: Show dimmed icons by default only on Windows XP or newer, they look ugly on older Windows versions (32/64)
    24.08.16 Fixed: When themes are disabled, icons in the current tab context menu need to be scaled down to the actual menu size (usually 15x15) because the menu isn't enlarged for larger icons (32/64)
    24.08.16 Fixed: Re-added line between sorting header and listbox when using themes, but TabHeaderThemed=0 was set under [Layout] (32/64)
    24.08.16 Fixed: The installer could not install over TC 64-bit if the 64-bit standalone help window or other standalone dialogs were open (64)
    24.08.16 Fixed: Dialog with 1-3 checkboxes could sometimes be too small when using larger font (32)
    24.08.16 Added: Alt+F10 tree: Changed static text "F2 re-scan" to speed button, so it can be used with a mouse too (32/64)
    24.08.16 Fixed: Search dialog: Move 'Everything' checkbox to the right of the packer checkbox if it doesn't have enough space (32/64)
    24.08.16 Fixed: Breadcrumb bar: The dropdown folder list wasn't closed when switching away (Alt+Tab) from TC (64)
    23.08.16 Added: Show view mode tab colors and icons in main menu - Show - Custom View Modes (with same icon size as on folder tabs) (32/64)
    23.08.16 Added: Show view mode tab colors and icons in current tab context menu (32/64)
    23.08.16 Added: When user changes the view mode manually while automatic view mode switching is enabled, keep that view mode until the directory changes to a location with a different view mode rule>0 (32/64)
    23.08.16 Fixed: When using external icon library (via iconlib=) for files/folders, do not use '!' overlay (from TC) if the icon library does not contain any '!' overlay. Use method from TC 8.x instead: separate icon for hidden/system (32/64)
    21.08.16 Fixed: Windows 10 anniversary update bug: Double click on inaccessible share (e.g. DVD drive with no disk) would hang forever. Must call in background thread (32/64)
    19.08.16 Fixed: Show legacy file folder icons with '!' when checking "Show '!' on hidden/system" and using icon library or old internal icons. Show '!' overlay for files/folders with special icon (32/64)
    19.08.16 Fixed: Do not show any icons with "!" (not even default icons) when unchecking "Show '!' on hidden/system" (32/64)
    19.08.16 Fixed: Use internal function to convert from ANSI to Unicode for codepage 1252 (Western), for users who replace C_1252.NLS (e.g. to use Cyrillic in Western only programs) (32/64)
    19.08.16 Fixed: Icons from internal associations disappeared when changing from/to file/folder icons from Explorer (32/64)

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    Re: Latest Version of Total Commander

    14.09.16 Release Total Commander 9.0 beta 14 (32/64)

    Fixed: Linux: Verifying a certificate from certificate store could hang in an infinite loop because the behaviour for Root certificates is different from Windows (32/64)
    Added: wcx_ftp.ini [General] PreferOpenSSL=0/1/-1 sets the encryption method when both sChannel and OpenSSL are available (32/64)
    Added: HTTPS connection without the need for OpenSSL, using the sChannel functions from Secur32.dll (32/64)
    Fixed: Load selection from file: Last item in list may not be selected if the file is UTF-16-encoded and does not end with a line break (32/64)
    Added: FTPS connection without the need for OpenSSL, using the sChannel functions from Secur32.dll (32/64)
    Fixed: Crash when applying certain view modes from main configuration dialog. Delay internal commands to fix. (32/64)
    Fixed: Signed EXE was not recognized on older Windows versions. Solution: Re-issue certificate as RSA+SHA-1, then sign with separate SHA-1 and SHA256 certificates (32/64)
    Fixed: Lister: Viewing file with BOM (UTF-16 or UTF-8), cursor down while blinking cursor visible -> ghost cursor was remaining (64)
    Fixed: Context menus not functioning any more in various dialogs, e.g. multi-rename tool, sync, change button bar (64)
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