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Thread: Create you your .dra

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    Create you your .dra

    As to find the fragolines agg. of the Spa. and Port.

    As to find the fragolines of the day of the small ones Among.

    Creation of the predator already opening one of them existing.

    You look for the file in file.

    Just open to copy the frags. what you want to insert.

    You can insert the caidses that you want.

    Now the strawberries of the small ones among.

    In the first menu to curtain put those gimmicks with 2 programs.

    In the second menu' to curtain inserted the suitable chart.

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    Re: Create you your .dra

    You adjourn

    You save

    This to insert possible Control Word.

    To insert the possible Cryptoworks.

    You make the ChecKsum.

    You finally save your dra.

    The procedure and' identical both for Predator and for Predasaur

    Thanks to Monza

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    Re: Create you your .dra

    You bring the following changes:
    the second program must be replaced with this >

    then you must add the predator 3.59 transporting it from the compressed (DRA AES Updater INI) file inside this briefcase of the dragoncrypt >

    Now you are adjourned to the last novelties' and you can continue with your experiences

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