Hi everyone, I just signed up on the website and I see that there are many users who know about dongles and maybe they can help revive one that was already dropped about a month ago ... as I have no use I happened search for info but I really do not understand anything of this kind of software and firmware ... the dongle in question is a Tocomsat TS-45, I used it without problems with my receiver SM-BOX sm9hd to open the channels of the Amazon 61W until was discharged as I said earlier ... (by manufacturer trade issues more than anything).

Here is a rar file with catches made by me while updating the dongle, the latest firmware (February 2016) and the loader need to update ...

Maybe someone can help not remain this unit as a paperweight in my region (Argentina) and more neighboring countries, it is widely used and therefore many of us have it ... thank you very much from now.

PD apologize English, I used google translator